Las Vegas Aces star, Liz Cambage has withdrawn from the Olympics, but was it the right decision?

In sports, some things are more important than winning titles. Your mental health is one of them. In fact, a solid mental state is crucial and could be the difference between a good performance and or a complete derailment. That's why Las Vegas Aces superstar Liz Cambage decided to drop out of the 2021 Toyko Olympics when she found out that the game would happen in a bubble with no fans and limited socializing. 

"I’ve been having breakdowns in the carpark at Whole Foods. Non-stop panic attacks. Hyperventilating at the thought of going into one of the most high-pressure situations, that is already in a bubble. With no fans, no friends. I’ve never played without fans,"  Liz Cambage said during an Instagram video announcing her decision. Cambage was going to represent Australia. 

The news comes only one year after Cambage chose to sit out the 2020 WNBA season for health reasons is a huge loss for the Australian basketball team. Not only is that evident by her double-digit scoring in the ongoing WNBA season, but also due to how well she does at bringing down rebounds.  She is also a beast at blocking shots, which means Australia will have to find a new defensive anchor to tie them down.

Still, mental health is a serious problem, and Liz Cambage has every right to drop out of the games if she wants to. This was the right decision for Cambage, and no one should criticize her for it.

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